Dr. James Eills


Postdoctoral Researcher

James completed his PhD in Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Malcolm Levitt at the University of Southampton in 2019. During this time he worked on hyperpolarization techniques and microfluidic NMR. He then moved to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz to work at the Helmholtz Institute as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the supervision of Prof. Dmitry Budker. James was funded by a Marie Curie ITN program to develop zero- to ultralow-field NMR techniques; a unique type of NMR experiment that does not use magnets.

Having joined the MIPMED team at IBEC, James brought expertise in hyperpolarized NMR methods and NMR-based microfluidics to develop noninvasive metabolic imaging in organ-on-a-chip devices.

Nolba Miró Colmenarez


Lab Technician

Nolba holds Master’s in Clinical Trials and a master’s degree in Museums: communication and information. Biologist by vocation. Experience in Scientific research, regulatory procedures, project execution, financing and administrative management. Teamwork and individually. Motivated, creative, cheerful. Leadership, proactive and conciliatory. Excellent abilities in organizing meetings, seminars, and courses for children, communities, and professionals.

In 2023 she joined MIPMED to work on laboratory SOPs and help with organizational matters.

Theo Chaloyard



Théo is a French student doing an engineering degree in healthcare technology at EPISEN, a work-study program with Malakoff Humanis, France’s leading mutual insurance company. As part of his studies, he had to do an international internship.
During his studies, Théo acquired various programming skills such as Python and matlab. This enabled him to help James Eills and Adriana Gonzalez.

Valentina Schastlivaia



Valentina earned her MSc of Engineering in MedTech and Functional Imaging under the supervision of Prof. Markus Diemling at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt (Austria) in 2020. With a BSc in Mathematics and commercial experience in applying machine learning to medical problems, she brings expertise in statistics, data analysis, and deep learning for the development of non-invasive metabolomic biomarkers for human pathologies utilizing NMR and MRS imaging modalities.

Pablo Cornet Navarro


BSc student – Internship

Pablo is currently studying a CFGS of the Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory at Jesuïtes El Clot. He joined the team in September 2022 in order to carry out his internship where he helped develop the different projects underway at Mipmed.

Pablo finished his stay in March 2023.

Maria Carretero


BSc Student – BSc thesis project

Maria is currently studying a BSc in Chemistry at University of Barcelona (UB). She joined the team in February 2022 to carry out her curricular internships where she will help develop a platform to carry out parahydrogen polarization (PHIP), she will also aid in the adaptation of biological systems for NMR applications in a desktop spectrometer. After her internship, Maria continued her project to develop her BSc thesis on the optimization and adaptation of PHIP reactions to biomedical applications.


Alejandro Portela


Postdoctoral researcher

Alejandro is a biomedical research engineer with experience in the design and development of complex medical devices. He has mastered nano and micro-fabrication techniques for the development of biosensors, and has experience in optical spectroscopy and optical setup designs. He has acquired skills in biological procedures for cell manipulation and surface biofunctionalization, and has designed in-vitro diagnostic devices (IVD) for quantification of genetic and protein biomarkers. He has also developed microfluidic chips for various applications, including designs for organ-on-a-chip employed in NMR and MRI applications.

Jose Yeste


Postdoctoral researcher

Jose obtained his BSc degree in Electronic Engineering at Polytechnic University of Catalonia in 2006. He then started an industry career in the medical sector where he was involved in the design of multiple medical products as a part of a R&D team. In 2011, he transitioned from industry to academia and joined the group of Dr. Rosa Villa at Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona as a research assistant. He received his MSc degree in Micro and Nanoelectronic Engineering in 2012 and his PhD in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering in 2018 at Autonomous University of Barcelona. He joined the team in 2020 to work on the European BLOC project. His research focuses on the development of organ-on-a-chip technologies, and he has accumulated skills in nano- and micro-technologies, fabrication of microphysiological systems, and microfluidics. He is particularly experienced in microfabrication.

Òscar Solé


BSc student – BSc thesis project

Oscar studied Pharmacy at the IQS School of Engineering and the Health Sciences School Blanquerna (Ramoón Llull University). In 2020 he joined our team to work on his BSc thesis and learn about biomaterials used for 3D cell cultures.
Oscar graduated from IQS and is now pursuing a master’s degree.

Alba Riba


BSc student – BSc thesis project

Alba studied BSc Nanocience and Nanotechnology in Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB). In 2021 she joined our team to work on her thesis and learn about tissue engineering techniques used for 3D cell cultures.  
Alba graduated from UAB and is now pursuing a masters degree.

Andrea Erazo


BSc student – Internship

Andrea is currently studying a BSc in Biomedical Engineering at Universitat Roviri i Virgili (URV). She joined the team in 2021 for a summer internship to learn about untargeted metabolomic NMR data analysis and the field of biomaterials.
Andrea finished her stay and will graduate soon from URV.

Aleix Nieto


BSc student – Internship

Aleix is currently a BSc Mathematics student at the University of Barcelona (UB) with a specialization in Statistics. He joined MIPMED in October 2021 to complete his practicum hours while working on NMR data acquisition, processing, and interpretation; and to learn about NMR techniques and biosystems for metabolic studies.
Aleix finished his stay and will soon graduate from UB and move on to study a masters degree abroad.

Farris Ellington


Laboratory Technician

Farris holds a BSc in Biology (Georgian Court University, 2018) and a MSc in Biotechnology (College of Staten Island, 2020). After spending two years at the University of Pennsylvania in Dr. Carl June’s laboratory studying CAR T-cell therapy she has joined the MIPMED team in 2022 as a Laboratory Technician. With her background, she will assist in the biological models used to study metabolomic pathologies through non-invasive metabolomic imaging techniques.