Our team takes interest in bringing science closer to society.

Besides a regularly-updated sci-blog, we have participated in outreach activities to make our research understandable by a wide range of audiences and ages (from visiting pre-school and high-school classes to giving interviews for newspapers and TV). Here we show you a snippet of what we do.

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100tífiques (February 2022)

Alba participates in the 2022 edition of 100 women in science, presenting her scientific career and current research to high school students in Barcelona (Spain). This is her second time participating in this initiative as she participated in the 2021 edition with Irene.


”la Caixa” Foundation – BIST Chemical Biology Programme (March 2021)

In this short video, Irene explains what Chemical Biology means and how her research fits in that scientific field.


Presentation at Les Aimerigues High School (November 2020)

Alba and Irene gave an informal talk to 16-18 year olds from a high school in Terrassa (Spain) on the International Science Week.


Scientist Friends at Gayarre Primary School (2020)

Marc and Irene visited a primary school class of curious 3 year olds in Barcelona (Spain). They loved learning about what we do every day in the lab, discussing how we can design a rocket to go to the moon, and trying on some gloves and lab coats!


Alma, la Caixa foundation magazine (Winter 2018-2019)

Irene was awarded a Junior Leader Postdoctoral Fellowship from la Caixa Foundation in 2018. In this article she explains her motivation and current research project.

Note: article in Spanish.

Article link

Canal Terrassa Valles (February and May 2014)

Irene was contacted by Marc Riera, producer of “El Contrast”, to participate in one of his programs and discuss about the consequences of budget cuts in research. The two videos below were broadcasted in Canal Terrassa Valles, the local TV from my hometown, on February 13 (left) and May 22 (right).

Note: interviews in Catalan.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (July 2013)

During Irene’s participation at the meeting, one of the students who was doing the Lindau video blog asked her a couple of questions about her thoughts on cultural diversity within the research community (see 1:19 in the video on the right).

On 11th July 2013 “La Torre”, a local newspaper of Irene’s hometown in Spain (Terrassa) published a short article about her attendance at the meeting entitled “A girl from Terrassa among Nobel Laureate” (“Una terrassenca entre premis Nobel”). You can find the article (in Catalan) with a picture of the four students who were chosen to give a short talk on their projects at the laureate in Chemistry Wüthrich’s master class below.

Note: article in Catalan.
Article link


“La Caixa” Awards Ceremony (March 2010)

Irene was interviewed briefly about what having been awarded a scholarship to study her MSc in Germany and USA meant to her (see 0:20 in the video on the left).

Note: interview in Spanish.