Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip Masterclass with Dr. Shadi Karimi

Here at MIPMED we started a series of Masterclasses where each of the senior researchers related to our laboratory will briefly introduce the topic of their expertise.

The first masterclass was led by Dr. Shadi Karimi, Ph.D. in Microfluidics from the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC).

Dr. Karimi introduced the world of microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip technologies. During the class, such topics as the fundamental principles, advanced fabrication techniques, and diverse applications of these transformative technologies were discussed. Attendees engaged in a hands-on lab session, gaining practical insights into device fabrication and operation. The masterclass concluded with a forward-looking discussion on the future of microfluidics, sparking imagination and inspiring innovation.

We are happy to share the slides with the general audience to spread insights into the basics of microfluidic devices!